Courses, Lectures, Seminars, Lab classes

Bachelor Chemistry

Introduction to Analytical Chemistry ALT2 Lecture (2. Semester, Volmer)

Experimental Analytical Chemistry ALT3 Lab (3. Semester, Beck) 

Basic Structural Analysis and Practical Instrumental Analysis ALT4 Lab (4. Semester, Pryjomska-Ray)

Introduction to Mass Spectrometry ALT4 Lecture (5. Semester, Volmer)

Interpretation of Mass Spectra ALT4 Seminar (5. Semester, Beck)

Combined Bachelor Chemistry

Introduction to Analytical Chemistry KBCh Modul 5 Lecture (3. Semester, Volmer)

Master Chemistry

Introduction to Bioanalytical Chemistry CAU1 Lecture (1. Semester, Volmer)

Instrumental Analysis laboratory CAU2 Lab (1. Semester, Pryjomska-Ray )